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Pond View Retrievers Training:customized to the experience level of the individual dog and handlerAt Pond View Retrievers, we pride ourselves in being a dual purpose training operation. We offer handler classes and limited space boarding/training services. Handler classes are offered throughout Eastern MA, RI, and the Eastern half of CT. Our field and yard classes with over the shoulder instruction have helped many students attain their goals of achieving all levels of retriever AKC Hunt Test titles. For hunters, the pre-season instruction and experience provided in our classes prepares both handler and dog for a pleasurable day afield during the hunting season. Yard classes are taught year round at three different locations. Field classes are offered as the season and grounds permit. Please refer to our client testimonials. Limited space boarding/training is offered for those who would like to have their retriever trained for them. Private lessons are also available, as well as small group and handler clinics. We welcome you to browse our site and always - feel free to ask questions.

Services Provided:

Yard Class Instruction

Pond View Retrievers Training: developing working toolsThe command, control and conditioning of desired behaviors are taught in the yard. A structured program is used to develop the working tools that will later be transitioned to fieldwork. The working tools learned in the yard classes are taught with minimal amounts of distraction. This allows the handler to teach their dog the fundamentals of how they are expected to perform when in the field where the excitement and distractions are high.

My structured program begins with obedience, and teaches E-collar conditioning, Force Fetch, Handling and Handling drills. Homework assignments are given from class to class and questions about issues that may arise between classes are always answered via email or phone. Instruction is one on one, and is customized to the experience level of the individual dog and handler, allowing each dog and handler to progress at their own rate.

Hunt Test Scenario is used along with test equipment and terminology

Field Class Instruction

Over the shoulder instruction provided in both class and small group sessions allows each handler to maximize their learning with the time spent in the field. A Hunt Test Scenario is used along with test equipment and terminology. All dogs and handlers are exposed to birds (dead and live shot), calls, gunshots, decoys etc., incorporating both land and water retrieves. Class locations will vary.

private lessons, group and handler clinics

Private Yard Class Lessons, Small Groups and Handlers Clinics

Services for these types of training can always be arranged by contacting us.

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