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Pond View Retrievers Client Comments

Jim is a true dog lover. He is the steadiest person I know. He is always willing to work with you and your dog on any issue. It may sound corny but Jim is a true dog whisperer. Jim is willing to be the tough guy with your dog if needed and you can’t be. Jim is technically knowledgeable and can explain the reasons why a certain drill needs to be worked. I call or send Jim e-mails all the time and I have found him always receptive and willing to give advice. I strongly recommend Jim Pickunka to you and your dog.
Tom Hoagland, Briarwood Labradors

I could say a lot about Jim, but the biggest thing is just that he has enabled me to do with Zach what I am doing. Sounds pretty simple, but success really comes down to working with someone who helps you develop the skills necessary to take you to the level of performance that you and your dog are capable of. It does require a lot of discipline and commitment to training time. But if you are consistent and stick with Jim’s program, you will find yourself sharing a relationship with your dog and seeing your dog do things that you never thought possible. Besides, Jim is a super nice guy.
Pam Sheehan

Jim understands what makes our dogs tick better than we do ----- and we live with them every day. He understands "the factors" in each set up and prepares us to deal with them. He makes sure each dog is successful even if it means repeating a series. But more important than his skill with dogs, is his kind and gentle manner. He never makes you feel dumb or foolish; never talks down to you. I have gotten quite nervous with other trainers but never with Jim.
Ruth Sumner

We met Jim shortly after we got our 3rd lab, Sully. Although he outran our other 2 labs and had great enthusiasm for retrieving birds, he was (and is) by nature a very sensitive guy. We knew that unless he trained with someone who understood him, it would take longer for him to be successful. The minute he met Jim, we knew a perfect match had been made. Within 3 months, Sully had passed every test for his JH title and clearly loved working with Jim. It is obvious from observing Jim with other dogs that he is tuned in to what works best for each dog. We are continuing to work Sully with Jim and look forward to SH. We highly recommend Jim for retriever training.
Kay and Dave Olson

My 15 1/2 year old son Daniel enjoys hunting and wanted to be able to take our lab Maggie out with him. I was concerned about her bolting from the gun shots. I did a search for beginner hunting classes and found the LRCGB was holding a beginner class in the Spring. I signed my son Daniel and Maggie up to take that 10 week class, and I was a bit nervous that Daniel would drop out after2 or 3 classes (he isn't the best at finishing classes!). I hung in the background, listening and learning. I'm glad to say that with Jim's instructions and patience, Daniel and Maggie successfully finished the class, and Maggie went on to earn her WC! Daniel can take Maggie hunting with him, I am now continuing to take lessons with Jim and I am confident that with Jim's instruction and patience, Maggie and I will have many years of fun doing field hunting.
Kim Lewis

Jim showed me the way to Master!

Jim has a very structured program, if you follow it, you will achieve your goals. Since I started training with Jim, my dogs have earned the following titles: two AKC Junior Hunter titles (passed nine straight tests) an AKC Senior Hunter title, she passed five straight senior tests, and earned a master leg at her first master test.
Gerrie Owren, Viking Labradors

I attended the Spring '07 Beginners Hunt class, which was offered by the Boston Lab Club and taught by Jim Pickunka. Jim allowed me and my yellow girl, Maisie, to join a few weeks late and as promised he spent the time needed to bring us up to speed with the rest of the class. Jim is extremely patient and is an excellent teacher who pays attention to detail. He spent time on everything from obedience to the proper way to wrap your duck for the freezer! I am happy to report that the classes paid dividends for us. Maisie earned her Working Certificate in July and without Jim, we would not have passed the test. I am now taking Jim’s field classes with my 4 month old puppy, Gladys. We will be working towards her WC and then on to her JH. Thanks, Jim!
Lisa Kinsman

I started Jim's classes with my nine year old golden Astro, right after he earned his junior hunter title. After many years of competing in agility and competition obedience I decided to try field training and got hooked on it. Astro has gone through Jim's program and will be ready to run senior at the age of 10 in 2008. I have enjoyed working with Jim so much that decided to start my new pup with him. Never did I think Scorch(my new pup) would earn his junior hunter before an agility title. Well he did. Scorch earned his junior hunter at nine months of age in four straight tests. Astro and Scorch will be competing in senior in 2008. They are never too young or too old and are enjoying every moment of their training.

Thanks Jim!!!

Maggie Lukiewicz


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