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About Jim

Jim Pickunka, Pond View RetrieversI grew up in Massachusetts in the Connecticut River valley. Its rich and fertile farmland attracted many migratory birds and also held perfect cover for pheasants.  I was fortunate enough to have a father that took me out hunting.  My uncle often came out with us, and he would bring his trained retriever. I just loved watching his dog work - little did I know that these trips out with my dad and my uncle would lead me to someday own one of these magnificent working animals, and to a second career as a trainer!

It is thirty years later and my first career as a Correction Officer is now behind me.  I can follow a lifelong dream to work with and train the retriever breeds.

As a correction officer, I was lucky enough to be able to work with dogs, securing a position on the K-9 unit handling, training, and certifying both a narcotic detection dog with the Boston Police Department and a patrol dog with the MA Department of Corrections.

During this time of my life, I also became the proud owner of my first retriever. I sought out the guidance and expertise of a professional trainer, and got addicted to the retriever world!   I now have three Labrador Retrievers, who are currently running at the Master Level of the AKC Hunt Test circuit, one of which qualified for the Master Nationals.  I hunt with all my dogs during the season.

I have developed a business to help other retriever owners attain their goals of having a well trained retriever. I believe in the absolute importance of a structured learning program and I have a personal desire to work with and teach handlers and dogs of every level. My program is geared toward developing a polished performance of both dog and handler in the AKC Hunt Tests. This program also provides a superior foundation for developing a great working relationship with your lifelong hunting companion.

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